Saturday, 22 July 2017

2017 05 21 Santiago

The day before I had a flight form Cusco to Lima and then Lima to Santiago, about 15 hours of traveling and airports in total. So this day was just a low key day where I went for a walk to this big tower which has a huge shopping mall in it. It's called Costanera Center.

I was staying in Providencia, which is known as a safe area. So I could just walk down to this stormwater like river and follow the park all the way to this tower.

Look at the mountains in the background.

One of the challenges in Chile is the currency. The numbers are so large I found it very hard to get an idea of value. For example on this receipt for my dinner that night it cost 12660 chilean pesos which is actually $24.45 AUD. So that wasn't so cheap, which I assumed would be the case because of the style of restaurant.

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