Tuesday, 4 July 2017

2017 05 09 Museum and meeting

The following photos are at Casa de la Libertad (House of Liberty Museum) which is considered in Bolivia to be the most important building. It houses Bolivia's declaration of independence

Bolivia's declaration of Independence in 1825

All of the people in these paintings are considered hero's for what they did which as usual in human history involved allot of bloodshed. This room from memory was where the first Parliament was held.

This is Simon Bolivar who was a 'hero' to all of South America, because he believed in a unified people and freedoms that all everyone wanted. Bolivia was originally named after him, Bolivar, and later changed to Bolivia.

We went to the America congregation's meeting this night. I meet a couple there who are New Zealander's and knew a number of friends and family in Christchurch. It truely is a small world. They come to Sucre for three months each year.

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