Monday, 3 July 2017

2017 05 08 Exploring Sucre

We went to Museo del Tesoro (Treasure Museum), which has allot of information on the different mining that has gone on in the history of Bolivia. Most museums like this in Bolivia don't allow photography inside the museum. So this shot is from outside, it is called Boliviantie. Unique to Bolivia, it is a combination of purple amethyst and yellow citrine. Two different types of crystal are rare on their own. These crystals form inside bubbles left by volcanoes, the gases inside a bubble form in to crystals over 100's of thousands to millions of years. What caused the two different types of crystal in Bolivianite is that there may have been a change in the temperature to cause the gas to change.

We found the Kingdom Hall

The following is from up at La Recoleta.

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