Saturday, 1 July 2017

2017 05 01-06 Tarija

I made these pancakes one morning. I was surprised the recipe still worked at that altitude and also with powered milk. We ate them in the traditional north american way with bacon and maple syrup.

I was told many times from a number of people that when you see the clouds coming over that mountain range that it means it will be a cold night and it was generally true.

A view over Tarija.

This is Emma, she kept prompting me to play with her while I was taking timelapse.

Graham showing one of the Caleb and Sophia videos. It struck me how powerful they are because after showing it to this girl Graham asked her what gods name is and straight away she answered Jehovah.

This was where we held the group before heading out.

This is the Kingdom Hall in Tarija

I brought with me the game Settlers of Catan and we played a fair bit. This was our last game and I won!

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