Friday, 30 June 2017

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

2017 04 28 Ministry and discovering empanadas

The group on this morning
Something I learned out in the ministry in Bolivia was their method for covering the territory. They call the method Ocho, which means eight, meaning that they cover the blocks in a figure eight. If you imagine a figure eight, starting at the very bottom of the eight, two groups one going left the other right. When they get around to the other side of the block at some point they will meet. At that point both groups cross over the road but continue in the same direction they were heading. Forming a figure eight and it can just continue for as many blocks as you like.

Graham has got the videos down, the small blue box is a bluetooth speaker that has great sound. People really respond to the videos.

This is the first time I tried empanadas or saltenas as they call them in Bolivia. They were so good. This lady sets up out the front of her house each morning. In Bolivia they always have a sauce called Llajwa and another condiment that is finely cut onions in red vinegar. You take a first bite and then add some Llajwa and/or the onions. They were 1 boliviano each, about 14 Australian cents.

Ice cream beans again

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Monday, 26 June 2017

2017 04 26 Ministry and farewell party

This was my first time out in the ministry in Tarija. If you're wondering about how different it is, there are dogs everywhere in the streets, behind gates and even on the roofs of houses. Nearly all houses are build with the same type of brick and roads are paved with stones.

In a very Spanish way allot of houses open up on the inside to a courtyard, they don't have front yards like us. In Tarija most houses have gates out on the street that you knock on to get their attention, then you wait a while for someone to come out, 1 to 4 minutes. Some houses do have a front yard and instead of knocking you stand out front and clap for their attention.

The local congregation was splitting in to two because they had become so large. This night they had their farewell party in the courtyard of the apartment complex. It was so cold that night, but they all danced and stood around the fire, while Bolivian music was playing loud.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

2017 04 25 Tarija Markets

I went with Graham to the markets, we had a checklist mostly to restock. It was interesting, for example if you are wanting Potatoes there will be a few people selling Potatoes next to each other. They will all start talking at you in an attempt to sell. With most things you buy they add extra to the bag, there is a word they use for this that I can't remember. The purpose of it is to show gratitude and hopefully have you coming back.

Unfortunately I only took one photo at this market. I mostly took photos of things that i've never seen before.

The journey back home was in a Micro. Micro's are medium sized busses that have a route they follow. But as a tourist you would probably not know what they are because the routes just have a number and they will display a certain color flag to indicate what direction of the route they are going. Micros were often full or almost full, when you climb on you hand two bolivianos to the driver, it might have been 1.5 bolivianos. You can get off at any point along the route, the driver will pull over, you just have to shout out.

This is called Rosella fruit

I was greeted by the dogs most mornings.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

2017 04 24 La Paz Teleferico and a flight to Tarija

This was in a burger place at the airport. The cocacola in South America has a different taste, people say that it is because they use natural sugar. 

Notice the sign of the pope up on the hill. Apparently he visited once.

This is called Ice cream bean, it tastes like ice cream.

It has these segments that contain mostly a large seed, you eat the white around it.

Friday, 23 June 2017

2017 04 23 La Paz

A little more exploring in La Paz.

This was from the hotel

In Bolivia there is a custom and superstition of burying a baby Llama in the foundations of a new building brings good luck. They say that these died of natural causes, unfortunately I have a feeling that isn't the case.

In the afternoon we went to a meeting in La Paz at this Kingdom Hall