Saturday, 25 February 2017

Post 2016 RTW Trip

So it's been a while since that last trip. I figured I would post about a few things since.

It really does all seem like a blur when I try to think of it as a whole, because it was always changing and so much happened. Sometimes I have clear memories of parts in isolation, and then I might look back at my blog posts and realise theres a whole lot I forgot.

It took a while after I got back, but I processed and organised all my photos in to an album. They are on my Facebook. But I have started putting my best shots up on 500px to start building a portfolio, take a look.

Something else I did was process all the short video clips and put them in to a playlist on youtube:

There are a couple of trips for this year coming up and ill post about them soon. For this reason I have created a Facebook page so that anyone can follow it. It will simply be automatically posted to when i post to the blog, this post will be the first test.