Saturday, 30 April 2016

2016 04 29 German Museum of Technology

This is what Wedding, Berlin looks like from the balcony where I'm staying. Wedding is pronounced Vedding.

I was in Potsdammer Platz so figured I'd go get a look a the Berlin Philharmonic Hall in the day.

I had to go to Anhalter Station to get the the German Museum of Technology. This is what is left of the old Anhalter station, which was the main and biggest station in Berlin at the time. It was bombed in the war.

I went to the German Museum of Technology again this time because i wanted to see the rest of the aviation stuff. Last time I only got through all the trains.

This is one of the first maps of the world, based on what they had mapped and what they thought. It was quite interesting to see how they got better. This was in about the 1500's.

Aviation stuff:

I really liked this because you could get a real understanding of how the air flows through this jet.

Friday, 29 April 2016

2016 04 28 East Side Gallery

I slept very well and late so it was 10am before getting away. The only goal for the morning was to get the key for the apartment i was staying in and taking my stuff there. Then after lunch go to East side gallery with Daniel.

I took this photo with my phone of the stairs in the building. I think these buildings are pre world war 1 and it feels like your going back in time going up these stairs.

On my way back to Daniels place, I ran in to Witnesses at Fredrickstrasse station they were heading to Berlin Hauptbahnhof (main station). We talked but their English and my German was limited. I meet other witnesses doing the cart witnessing in Fredrickstrasse too, they were Russian.

East side gallery is a part of the original Berlin wall that has art on it some from 1990 some later. It's very much a way that the people have turned the negative thing of the wall in to a positive thing.

After we went to Brandenburger Tor. Tor means Gate, Brandenburg Gate:

The Reichstag building. Govt building.

Holocaust memorial:

This area is where Hitlers bunker was, i don't know if its still there. But this is where Hitler committed suicide. Not far in the opposite direction of the photo is the memorial for the holocaust victims in the above photo. At the far end of the street is a signpost that has information on the bunker, there is no commemoration of Hitler, cars park on his grave.

That night i went to the Berlin Philharmonic Hall to hear Bruckners 3rd symphony. As usual, Perfection, you can't flaw them on anything. But I must admit I'm still not sure about Bruckners music, but the last movement and finale were good. The simplest way i can think of it, is that it seems to never resolve or have any closure, when it does in the finale its not big enough, at least that's what i think. But I'm a Mahler fan, I like bipolar.. Classical music.

2016 04 27 Getting to Berlin

My flight from Hong Kong to Frankfurt left at 1am HK time and 12 hrs later arrived in Frankfurt at 7:20am gaining me 6 hours. Just before boarding the flight one of the flight attendants informed me of a strike that was taking place in Frankfurt Airport. And sure enough when I got there my flight to Berlin was cancelled. Fortunately they were able to book me on the next one, 6 hours later, and i needed to stay in the transit area because there was nobody to do security for people coming back in if you left the transit area. Anyway I got to Berlin at about 5 pm, and made my way to a Daniel's who kindly had me stay with them that night so i could get the key for my accommodation the following day. So in total it was a good 24 hours in transit and that's off of the full day yesterday in Hong Kong and flying out at 1am.

And I came so close to Berlin on the Frankfurt flight.. :(

Out of interest, our flight path went way north.

While on the bus going from terminal 2 to 1, I could see the strikers.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

2016 04 26 Walking Kowloon, Hong Kong

I took this at a art gallery near avenue of stars which unfortunately is closed for a few years while they work on it. Was hoping to see Jackie Chans statue.

Came across this too.

This is in Lowloon park. It was very humid in this park, if i sat down i could feel my skin sweat.

I walked far west of the park, and this pier comes out over the top of a ferry terminal. Had a pretty nice view.

There was this guy on the pier who i didn't notice walk up to me and say "you are very lucky.. I can tell.. You are a very lucky man. i can tell that you have been drinking allot, and you are very lucky man." At that I got up and walked away. First of all I don't drink, at least not of my own free will. And the guy was a little creepy the way he was talking. Possibly trying to sell some dodge healing from the demons.

Anyway, these buildings were to the right. Yet more huge buildings.

As of writing this I'm sitting in the Airport awaiting my flight to Frankfurt.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

2016 04 25 Hong Kong

The flight to Hong Kong was ok. I never really felt comfortable but managed to get some sleep. But I enjoyed HK airport and getting to the city, it all works so well.

Immigration was quite straight forward and short, then following the signs to baggage claim I went down a few escalators and then your in a room that has transparent doors that open when a train pulls up. The train that arrives is only for standing, it just takes you to another part of the airport. My luggage was there to grab straight away. Then the airport express to Kowloon station, the machines are easy, press one button put your money in, you get a ticket. I know that might sound obvious, but they seem to have kept everything simple in this complicated city.

Here's some of the views on the Airport Express to Kowloon.

After finding the place I'm staying, I left my bag there and went for a walk to find something to eat. The first corner I turn I see a brother and three sisters on carts. Was such a great thing to see.

Breakfast... Sorry Phil I do like this stuff

This is the view from Tsim Sha Tsui looking over to Central.

This is Central Mid levels escalator. The start of the worlds longest escalator.

As you go up this series of escalators you see down some HK streets.

And there are store windows and advertising.

I went back down to central from the mid levels because its was raining quite heavily. I then decided i was going to give Victoria peak a shot despite the rain, because the rain had died off a little. So I got the bus all the way up, rather than half way to the tram. But instead of raining the clouds were up there and covering the view of HK.

I'm still glad i went up there even though it was cloudy.

Coming back down to central and getting the ferry back, the lights were all on..

Finally check out my room, this is typical for HK.

And turning right.. Shower, toilet, basin all in one.