Wednesday, 1 June 2016

2016 05 31 Vancouver Aquarium

Beluga Whale:

Otters are so fun to watch. It seems their primary purpose is to enjoy life. Although they do get feed 6 times a day in this place, they have it pretty easy. But they know how to enjoy it.

It turns out that an area the size of your thumb print on their hair contains as many or more of what a human has on their head. Also they actually have an air pocket between their hair which acts like insulation. And they can blow in to their hair to fill it up.

Marmosets are so small and cute.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

2016 05 30 Back to Vancouver

I had a flight at 12 midday, so got to Kelowna Airport about 10. Got a coffee with Jason just before going through security.

I went for a window seat on this one, turns out the whole row was free. The views on this flight were amazing. I think on the way to Kelowna it was all cloudy, but this was all clear.

When i got to Vancouver it was an amazing sunny day so I went for a went for a walk to the Inuksuk. Which is a statue made of stacked rocks, from what i understand this is something the native indians did to point people in a certain direction. I'm not sure what arm to follow though?

Then I kept walking south and got on a boat to Granville island again as it was not raining this time.

2016 05 29 Peachland congregation meeting

We had the meeting at 10am. It's always great to see Jehovah's organisation operate within a different culture. The information's exactly the same just in a local context.

Then after the meeting a bit of witnessing. They have their convention coming up so it was invite work. Something I noticed is that allot of the houses have their bottom floor sunk in to the ground. Jason explained that its because you have to dig down 2 feet to lay foundations but they often go deeper. This is because the top 2 feet of earth freezes and its not a good thing to put a foundation on because it expands and contracts.

Also, I saw my first humming bird. Initially it sounded like a huge bee nearby, then I looked and saw it was a tiny humming bird. They move so fast.

Melanie cooked an amazing dinner and a few friends came around to. It was a fun night.

Unfortunately no photos to show for this day..

2016 05 27 Exploring Kelowna

Went for a drive to Peachland, here's the view from the water.

Peachland Museum.

Mission Hill Winery. This place was such a pleasant place to be.

Jason and I sat here for a while talking.

The bell rings for a good 4 minutes on the hour.

Went to this park in the hope of spotting a black bear, we didn't. But it's nice to know children can play in the same environment as a black bear. :)

2016 05 28 Summerland Kingdon Hall and an Indian Reserve

On our way to the indian reserve we stopped in at the open day for the brand new Summerland Kingdom Hall, this was a day for the community to come to the hall and take a look. It was all done so well and it looked so good.

This is the Indian Reserve, NK'MIP pronouced in-kem-meep. It was quite interesting to learn of the struggle that the indian people have, and it sounds so similar to the aborigines of Australia. Their loss of identity and culture.

This is the Kovesy's:

Went for a drive to find spotted lake, which was mentioned a few times at the cultural centre. This is it. But it's full of water so its hard to make out the spots. Usually you see lots of circles of water, they form from minerals that build up to for the circles that the water sits in.

That night we went to the super market, this is what we saw from the car park.