Wednesday, 2 October 2013

2013 10 01 Bingen to Braubach cruise and Marksburg Castle

At Bingen again! This time I'm on time to the KD Rhine dock. 10:30am departure.

This castle was designed to look like a ship.

Marksburg castle, my stop (Braubach). 1:30 pm.

These were some of the houses at the start of my way up to Marksburg castle. Notice the year 1603 on the house on the right.

Entrance of Marksburg.

These allowed them to move the pot up and down depending on what temperature they wanted to cook at.

Smith workshop, mainly making horseshoes.

Path back down.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

2013 09 30 Back in Wiesbaden

I went for a walk around the mall near where I'm staying, its a huge dome building. And discovered these enclosures with lizards in them all around the mall. I took a few photos of the circular nature of this mall, there's 2 levels of shops shops in the inner and outer part, then a parking level below and on the third level a fitness first.

2013 09 29 Walking Berlin

This is the Jewish museum building.

Checkpoint charlie

This is Gesundbrunnen Center the S-bahn station is here to. This is the station I come to go to the meeting.

After the meeting I decided to go for a walk around the government area and walked through the gate again.

Reichstag building. (Government building)

I discovered this as I walked around the Reichstag building. It's a presentation of the political history in Berlin with a focus on the history of the Reichstag building. They had speakers on both sides of the water, and there was a 5.1 effect with the sound.

This is the Reichstag building covered up just before it was about to be revealed.