Sunday, 29 September 2013

2013 09 28 Berlin Sunrise on Teufelsberg

Got up early this morning to go watch the sunrise from the top of Teufelsberg, a mountain 80 metres high which was created from the rubble from Berlin due to the war. Unfortunately as it got closer to 7:08am the cloud rolled over Teufelsberg and blocked out the chance of us seeing the sun actually come up. Although we did get some amazing pictures through the fog.

I've seen band interviews at this place including a couple of guys that go by the handle ISAN who I am a big fan of. (

I believe this is called a Sundog. This is the left side of it you can slightly make it out.

Amazing building shadows in the fog.

Had breakfast at this place, that is famous and apparently famous people are often seen here.

This is on the fence of Berlin Tempelhof.

This building is an airport built by Hitler, used by the Americans when they were here, and now a public open space.

This was the first beach in the city of Berlin in the 1940's.

Finally spotted people playing on a table tennis table in public.

2013 09 27 Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

I think this is the fourth time I've come across Jehovah's Witnesses with the carts. It's really exciting to see, it must be having an impact.