Thursday, 17 May 2018

2017 05 31 The Long long journey home

The Long long journey home

So I had a flight from Santiago to Sydney, then Sydney to Brisbane. The only photo I took was of the screen showing the path the flight took. I kind of went to Antarctica without planning it.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

2017 05 30 Exploring Santiago

Pio Nono Funicular

From where I was staying in Providencia, a region of Santiago, I walked towards the city along the prominent stormwater-like manmade river to the Pio Non Funicular station. This Funicular takes you up a mountain to a nice view over Santiago. From there you can get a Teleferico, or Gondola. These Gondola's in South America tend to work much like a train line, they have multiple stations/stops. This one went all the way to the other side of Providencia and near the Costanera building, which is where i went.

You can see Costanera Center building here. And the snog.

Sky Costanera (the top of Costanera building)

When you walk along this river, under some of the bridges there are homeless people that build shelters from what they can find.

The beautifully polluted day not to see the mountains. But you can still get an idea of how imposing the mountain range is even to the tallest building in South America.


Back to Bethel

I was invited back for dinner, on this my last day before my flights back home. We played a bit of Fifa, but mostly talked, and I felt like I understood South America a bit better. Bethelites sure do work hard and they know when to relax.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

2017 05 29 Chile Bethel

Chile Bethel

On the tour

During the tour there were a number of videos about what happens there and how it functions. One of the videos was about Easter Island, the translation office there and the construction project to build the kingdom hall that I saw being built there. The front right section of the hall is actually a translation office.

This is a model of the Kingdom Hall I saw being built on Easter Island.

The residence buildings.

The Library.

Noah's arc model

After the tour, the brother who was my guide invited me to lunch at his place. These ducks appeared near the balcony and I was told that they are famous at bethel, he might have meant outside of bethel. The one on the right has a problem with its wings, and is called aeroplane. But they always stick together and roam the Bethel grounds.

In this photo you can see the haze in the background. This is pollution from the city which is not far away, and its a big problem. Santiago is often covered in fog, sometimes it will rain and the fog clears straight away but the next day its all back again. This should give you an idea of the pollution that the city generates each day. The winds push it around, often towards Bethel.

Chile Bethel is actually right next to a train station, so it is really easy to get to. So I can imagine the line to Bethel being packed with witnesses getting to the assemblies and conventions. But if you are ever in Santiago, its an easy trip to Bethel.
Bethel's assembly/convention hall.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

2017 05 27-28 Goodbye Easter Island, Hello Santiago

Leaving Easter Island

Heres a couple of shots from just before getting on the plane to Santiago. The airport there feel's like you're on a tropical island. Also, the planes they use for the route to and from Easter Island are new, and had to be the most comfortable flights I've ever taken.

Back to Santiago

I went to a modern art gallery on the first day back in Santiago.

I meet this couple on my way to the Costanera Center (the huge tower). When you travel around Santiago using the train system and walking the streets the whole place has a European city feel, but more colourful when you add Latin American culture.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

2017 05 26 Highest Point in Easter Island


I think i mentioned before that the breakfasts were great at this place. Every morning at breakfast the cat kept trying to sneak in and guilt us in to giving her food. The family kept removing her from the room, but on this morning she never got a chance to come in through the door, so she went outside and stood on a ornamental Moai in the garden, the whole time trying to judge whether she could make the jump across to the window. She eventually had a go and she made it.

I went on a bit of a grocery shop with my guide, the groceries were lunch for everyone working on the Kingdom Hall that day.

I thought it was interesting that they seem to like white eggs, where-as I think in Oceania we think the brown ones are nicer. The fact is that there is no difference.

Journey to the highest point

The only thing I wanted to achieve on this day was to walk to the highest point. I got a lift to the beginning of a path that you can take to get there.

This is looking out towards Hanga Roa, which is where everyone lives

A giant crater on the way.

while you're up there you see horses wandering everywhere

this marks the highest point

Just sitting on the grass up there for a while and looking out at the sea is amazing. The sea is all around you 360 degrees. The big sea clouds just roll over above. I like the contrast of the land and sea in these shots.

I went off the path for about 10 minutes just to look around and saw this marking, its actually a symbol for one of their old gods. Likely very old, it impressed on me how every square metre of this place probably has some history about it.

The walk back down

The walk up had a constant consistent gradient, it was challenging only in that it took a while and you were wondering how much further. But this gradient suits coming back down very nicely.

On the way back, we stopped by at the Kingdom Hall again to take a look. The frame had gone up in the morning, a few days earlier the concrete was just laid. On the far right they had also started on the stone wall in the Chilean style.

I made a booking for this, the only, Japanese restaurant on the island. I was surprised they even had one, and a real one at that. This is no.1 best dinner I've ever had. I really want to go to Japan one day.

and coke of course.